Who We Are

Create. Collaborate. Innovate.

Keller Street CoWork is home base for creative minds. Creatives need more than a chair, a desk and a laptop. We need inspiration, community, comfort and excitement. Whether you’re curled up in a cozy corner with a notepad or bouncing ideas off other creatives at a communal table, we’ve created an ideal environment for creation, collaboration and innovation.

Freelancers, commuters and young businesses will find more than a spot to sit. You’ll find the place where you can stay connected to your work and get playful at the same time. It’s about more than building a business and a brand — it’s about building a life.

What People Are Saying

“I head a remote team of design creatives and needed a startup-friendly working environment to run my operations from. CoWork is perfect for that. The staff is amazing, the building is beautiful and the amenities are as modern as they come.

There is a completely new video studio inside, which is so convenient for a team like mine that needs to come together and shoot commercials on a regular basis.

The layout of the space makes it easy to be as social or as focused as you’d like. There are conference rooms of all sizes available, soundproof phone booths for private conversations, and even a lounge room for those in the mood to take a break, watch TV or simply chit chat with fellow CoWorkers.
It’s also located downtown which, to me, makes it even more enjoyable. It’s perfect to run errands during the day or just go for a coffee or a beer when you feel like it.

I moved to Petaluma a few months ago and having that space available makes me that much happier that I moved here. Love it! “

-Yann L., Petaluma, CA

“Amazing workspace in Petaluma! My colleagues and I all work from our own homes and needed a spot right in the middle of Healdsburg, Napa and SF – we looked in Petaluma and found Keller Street CoWork.

Danielle is awesome and we love the vibe of the space. Lots of conference rooms, open spaces, lounges and even a big photo studio. We’re making this our go-to space when we all want to work face to face.”

-Martha C., Healdsburg, CA

“I’ve been co-working at Keller Street CoWork for 2 weeks. This place is amazing! No expense was spared in creating the coolest workspace in the North Bay, we’re so lucky to have this place in Petaluma.

The space is beautifully done and inspires you to connect with other co-workers throughout the day but also has more private spaces for when you want to focus in a more tranquil environment.

There are dedicated offices and desks you can reserve OR just drop-in for the day and set-up in one of the many “community areas”….they even have isolation booths for private phone conversations (not to mention Revive Kombucha on tap!!).

Keller St. CoWork is quickly going to become the premier space to collaborate with creatives, people in tech and start-ups doing interesting work. Come in and check out Keller St.
CoWork you won’t be disappointed!”

-Shane D., Petaluma, CA

“This place is perfect! Danielle has done a great job setting up this space. Hope to be here for years.”

-Brian R., Petaluma,CA