Life Opens Up

On Jan. 31 2019, Todd O’Leary gave a presentation at Keller Street Cowork discussing the newest tourism campaign and what sets Sonoma County apart from other tourist destinations.  Sonoma County is the heart of wine country, with tourists from all over the world visiting the area for food and wine. “Life Opens Up” is the slogan of the food and wine based tourism campaign.  

In an Argus-Courier article written by David Templeton, Templeton summarizes the motivating factors behind Sonoma County Tourism’s campaign slogan “Life Opens Up” and how Sonoma County is much more than just wine.  

Not only were guests of the presentation excited about Sonoma County Tourism’s reveal of the Life Opens Up campaign, but they were eager at the concept of “coworking” while visiting our space.  Many of the guests were surprised at how beautiful, open, and hip our space was. Ginger Hopkins from the Press Democrat was excited about Sonoma County Tourism reaching out beyond city officials and directly to local businesses like Keller Street Cowork.  

“There are so many special experiences to be had, so many great stories to tell, stories about what makes a place like Sonoma County, and a town like Petaluma, worth exploring. And our small businesses and arts groups are a big part of that story.”  With our beautiful space in downtown Petaluma at Keller Street Cowork being award-winning, we couldn’t agree more with O’Leary. Our focus is to create a community where professionals and like-minded individuals can cowork and innovate, whether you are a brand, small business, or individual; which is inspired greatly by the innovative and creative culture of Petaluma.  

Be sure to give our space a visit and read more about the Life Opens Up event here: