Looking back, looking forward and a case for the 4-Day work week

I’m not exactly sure how it happened that we are approaching the holiday season and end of the year already. It feels like just a minute ago that I was looking forward to 2022. I remember vividly that, while our world was still in a state of question, I was anticipating what I knew would be our best year ever and I would be at the end of it looking forward to how we were going to be even better than ever. I knew it in my bones. And I was right.

I’ve just spent the last week working on 2022 recaps, 2023 budgets and forecasts and that ever-so-pleasurable dream state of what’s next? For those of you who have just met me in the last 5 years and are only acquainted with the creative, community-driven dreamer, you probably don’t know that one of my ultimate safe and happy places is smack dab in the middle of a really good spreadsheet. I mean after all, if I can see it in black and white then it’s even more fun to dream it in technicolor. So, while many dread this time of business planning for the next year, I am feeling right at home.

As I recapped the many accomplishments of Keller Street CoWork in 2022, I was reminded of one of the most important changes I have made…in MY ENTIRE CAREER. For many years, I have wanted to be able to offer something to myself and to those who work with me. It was something I have believed wholeheartedly would be a game changer but for some reason I got stuck on the execution of it. The concept? A 4-day workweek! Once I got out of my head about how to justify it to others (insert giant eyeroll here) and just decided to pull the trigger and give it a try… well, let’s just say that there was no way I was turning back. And guess what! We accomplished more than we ever have at Keller and 2023 is looking to be another wonderful year ahead.

Speaking of justification, you don’t have to dig too deep to find all sorts of research that support the value of a shorter week. If you’re curious, start with this bite sized Ted Talk by Juliet Schor. One point, made over and over in the many studies conducted is that “while the results do vary, the research shows that people are less stressed, value their jobs more and have better lives outside of work. In most cases, they are as productive in four days as they are in five. Companies can also see benefits through lower turnover and a higher-quality applicant pool. Less burnout reduces health care costs, mistakes and poor service.”

As always, the members at Keller inspire me to do things differently. As a community we really do collaborate together to make life and work blur together. Keller Street CoWork is not just a coworking space, we are lifestyle community and I am proud that we are leading the way toward a more balanced and integrated way of doing things. And in no small way was this change a large part of our amazing 2022! 

All the Best,