Keller’s Superheros

“Thank goodness KSCW is here for me to swoop right in and nail a concise and coherent presentation after a 15-hour day… It is this home that was created and filled with superheros that give me the confidence to pull all this sh*t off!”
-Keller (full time) member

When I think of superheros, I think of some of the members in our space. I frequently remember the people who arrived at 140 Keller Street and quickly became family to me. They are the ones who gave me the courage to try new things, start ambitious creative projects and reside in my happy place – outside the box.

During the past couple of years, when I would sit daily in an empty building with tears in my eyes while the pandemic thrust us all into a state of question, these were the people who mirrored my vision right back to me and insisted that I had built something incredibly important for our community. They not only discouraged me from giving up, but they also pushed me forward with the strength of a thousand so that I wouldn’t tire before the world opened back up and gave me another chance to prove how wonderful our community really is.

As we enter my favorite season of the year, I can also say that we have arrived in my favorite phase of this business. While we will always want to welcome new and fresh faces into our space, I am excited that my focus has been more about making our community more exciting and interesting for the people who are already filling our seats rather than “We need to get more people in the door.” We have been working hard to increase our monthly programming, add more events for our members to enjoy and optimizing the space with more interesting and valuable amenities. My favorite part of the day might just be the lunchtime banter that happens around the circle in the kitchen, with each day bringing a cast of characters together to chat about work and life and everything in between.

These people who walk into and out of my life daily are the ones who lift me and support me and challenge me as well as each other. I couldn’t ask for a better daily experience and I’m so grateful for these superheros!

Happy (best season of the year) autumn!